Campsite Accommodation

For ease of access to the site and general good vibes we would strongly advise that people stay in Camping Brioni, directly connected to the beach where the daytime parties take place. We offer a range of on-site accommodation including Standard and Boutique Camping, and Hostel Rooms.

Details & Bookings

Private Accommodation - Apartments

For those of you wanting a bit of downtime from the festival there are plenty of off-site options including a wide range of hotels, private apartments and luxury camping located minutes away from the site.

We work closely with local agents and landlords to bring you exclusive apartments in and around the local area of the festival, most of which you will not find anywhere else.

This year we are working in partnership with Mainstage Travel to bring you all off-site accommodation options. Please visit their page for a full list of options including accommodation with flights packages.

No Longer Available

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