Aux 88 (live)

Aux 88 (live)

Aux88 are Detroit’s electro and bass-heavy techno pioneers Tom Tom and K-1.

Tom Tom (real name Tommy Hamilton) and Keith Tucker (who DJs as DJ K1) first formed in 1985 under a different name and performed inspired covers of classics by artists like Cybotron and Model 500. Sending out demo tapes early on, they soon got signed to the legendary Juan Atkins label Metroplex and kicked out jams like ‘Television’, ‘Frequency Express’, and ‘New Jack House’. It was in 1993 that the pair then formed Aux 88 and since then have continued to build up a standout discography as well as mesmerising performances with live shows around the world. High profile sets at places like Detroit Electronic Music Festival. have truly cemented their apace on the top table of live techno performers.

Releasing on labels like Octave One’s 430 West they turned out Detroit classics like ‘My A.U.X. Mind’ and performed with Mike Banks and Juan Atkins as Model 500 on the 10th anniversary of the Metroplex label. Since then the band has continued to evolve, has had plays on MTV and has explored a wide range of techno sounds as well as putting out acclaimed, award winning full lengths like Xeo-Genetic—the last of their efforts on Direct Beat and one that won Best Artist and Best Recording at the Detroit Music Awards—as well as Mad Scientist or Is It Man or Machine.

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