#DimensionSounds 2016 Project

#DimensionSounds 2016 Project

CDR and and Dimensions Festival are calling producers, music lovers, and audio-file freaks to participate in the this year’s Dimension Sounds project.

Given the success of previous years, the 2016 project will continue in the same vein with three different phases. Firstly, we invite people around the world to record sounds from the local area and to submit these field recordings to the project. Once we have complied a range of sounds, producers will then be invited to use these sound to create their own tracks in phase two, contributing their own take for a soundtrack to the festival. These tracks will inadvertently be a collaboration of sorts, connecting people from around the world through sound. During the final phase of the project, one finalist from phase two will perform at Dimensions Festival 2016 in Pula, Croatia.

Phase 1: Local Audio

Open: Friday 15th April 2016
Close: Friday 6th May 2016

In this phase of the project, use your phone or recording device to capture sounds within your local area. These field recordings and soundfiles will then form samples and sounds for Phase II of the project – the track production phase – where producers will utilise these sounds to create new and original music.

One selected participant for Local Audio will grab 2 x VIP Dimensions Festival 2016 tickets; digital copies of the last two CDR X DIM releases; and the forthcoming vinyl release with tracks from K15 & FYI Chris. For those London based, you will also receive free entry to CDR workshops & parties for the rest of the year (or for a nominated London-based friend if elsewhere).


  • Using your phone or recording device, recording a snippet of sound that illustrates your local area.
  • Upload to the #LocalAudio Soundcloud group here
  • Ensure you hashtag the recording with #LocalAudio
  • In the “description” field, please tell us a little bit about the sound you recorded, and what tools you used

Please note:

  • Sounds must be submitted to the group between 15/04/16-06/05/16 to be considered for the 2015 festival package
  • Ensure that that sounds are between 1-180 seconds long
    You can submit up to 10 sounds
  • Sounds can range from standard field style recordings, recordings of specific created tones (e.g scaffolding strike with padded glove), musical, abstract, or conceptual. They could be drum style ‘hits’; sound FX; atmospheres; speech or vocals.
  • Sounds should be delivered ‘as is’ without the use of effects (reverb, delay etc).
  • Please ensure you have permission to use the sounds before you upload
  • Sound that include the use of bad language, profanities etc will not be considered
  • By submitting sounds you are contributing to a Public Domain Sound Library. You give users permission to copy, modify, distribute and perform with the sound, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.


Phase 2: Producer Prjoect

Open: TBA
Close: TBA

For Phase II, electronic music producers are asked to manipulate some of the sounds submitted during Phase I as well as sounds from previous years, and incorporate these into their own productions, creating original music for a festival soundtrack.

This phase will run as per last years project. Dates and further information soon.



Please do not hesitate to email georgie (at) cdr-projects (dot) com with ‘Phase I Question’ in the subject line.

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