Information regarding 2014 will be available soon.
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All the information on this page can be found in our Customer Advance Festival Info which can be downloaded here. Please make you read this guide if you’re attending the festival.

  • Dates & Opening hours

    • The Campsite, Beach and Festival (Box office and Wristband Exchange) are open to all Dimensions Festival customers from Monday 25th August – midday until Tuesday 2nd September – midday.
    • Camping check-in is open 24/7 from Monday 25th August – midday until Friday 29 August – 4am. Camping check-in is open from 10am to 4am on Friday 29, Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 August.
    • The Box office and Wristband Exchange are open from Monday 25th August – midday until Friday 29 August – 4am. Then from 10am to 4am on Friday 29, Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 August.


    • The Opening Concert is held on Wednesday 27th August – music starts around 7:30pm. It is set in Pula’s 2000-year old Amphitheatre and ticketed separately.
    • Dimensions Festival officially kicks off on Thursday 28th August. The full schedule will be communicated at a later date.

  • Camping & Hostels

    When does the campsite open? When can I check-in?

    The campsite is officially open to Dimensions Festival customers from midday Monday 25 August until midday Tuesday 2 September. Check-in is open 24/7 during this period.

    Can I just pay for camping when I arrive?

    Camping spaces will sell out in advance so you must book your initial dates pre-event.

    Additional nights will be able to be purchased at the campsite however these will cost more per night instead of the £10.50 per night if you book in advance.

    How do I add additional nights to my booking?

    You can add additional nights to you booking by logging back in and selecting the new nights.

    You can also add additional nights when you arrive on-site, however these will be slightly more expensive than doing so in advance – just ask the staff member checking you in if you need to stay a little longer than previously planned.

    I don’t need my space anymore – can I change the name on my booking?

    Sure, just log back in to your booking and amend the details. There is a £10 admin fee for this which is payable when the change is made.

    Can I bring a Camper Van into the campsite?

    In order to make the campsite as safe as possible for customers there is a ‘no moving vehicles’ policy imposed (not including emergency vehicles) on the camp-site  and therefore you will not be allowed to drive your car or vehicle onsite.

    A very limited number of Camper Van passes are available to book, there is a dedicated area for camper vans in order to minimize disruption, however we must ask that you adhere to the ‘no moving vehicles’ rule throughout the four days of the festival.

    In addition to the pass everyone staying in the Camper Van will need to purchase a normal camping ticket for the total number of nights of their stay.

    Can I buy or hire a tent when I arrive or do I need to book it in advance?

    We are offering  2-man and 4-man tents to be purchased by campers for this years festival.  The prices of the tents reflect a better deal than bringing your tents as extra baggage with most airlines. The tents will ready for you to pick up at the camp site check in. You can also purchase camping essentials like sleeping bags and mattresses – Click here

    Can I bring my pet dog/cat/hamster?

    Pets are not allowed anywhere within the campsite, and festival, grounds. If you are looking to bring a pet you will need to stay off-site.

    Can I buy or hire a tent when I arrive or do I need to book it in advance?

    Yes you can hire/buy a tent on arrival, but since there are a limited amount available we strongly recommend you reserve your tent in advance or you will have to find a camping shop in Pula to buy a tent.

    There are also kiosks on the campsite which sell tents and sleeping bags but these are independent of the festivals and also very limited.

    Is there any secure storage on the campsite for my camera/money/passport?

    Your passport is handed in to the campsite on arrival, this is Croatian law, and they will look after it until you check-out.

    We are offering secure storage lockers for the duration of your stay at Dimensions Festival.

    Single container dimensions are 35 x 25 x 5 cm, suitable for valuables such as cameras and other small items.

    Prices to be confirmed.

    We are also planning to have bigger lockers available for bags and larger items, however these are not available for pre booking and will have to be requested on site.

    These areas will be staffed 24 hours a day.

    We’re thinking of booking a 3/8 person hostel room but not sure of who’s coming yet. Can we book a room without confirming names?

    You’ll need to book, and pay for, the whole room at the time of booking, including adding names. If friends are undecided yet you can change their name at a later date for a £10 admin fee.

    See the Accommodation Page for more info.

  • Tickets

    What does my ticket include?

    Your ticket includes four days of music and gives you access to the festival site including the fort and the harbour.

    Why is the opening concert ticketed separately?

    Due to the limited capacity of the amphitheatre (approx. 5000) not all of our festival-goers can attend the event. Dimensions Festival has always been a four-day event. The opening concert is a new addition and the cost needs to be met with a separate ticket.

    What’s the difference between the ticket outlets? Which one should I buy from?

    Festival tickets are now on sale and can be bought in GBP(£) or EUR(€) via Eventbrite and through our Tickets Page (all T&C’s apply).

    Deposit Scheme Tickets are available for a deposit of £50 (+bf).
    Deposit Scheme tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.  They will be on sale until 30th May 2014 and the full balance remainder must be paid in full by the 30th June 2014.  Failure to pay the full balance will result in a loss of deposit as well as the reservation of the ticket.

    If you have bought a deposit scheme ticket please click here for instructions on how to complete your purchase.

    We have partnered with a few ticketing partners so if you have purchased a ticket from another vendor please check here to see if they are on our official partners list.

    All tickets purchased through partners will be exchanged for Eventbrite tickets within 14 days of the event

    Can I resell my ticket?

    Refunds are not available but you are able to change the name on the ticket for a fee of £10 or €12 until the end of July.  For more information regarding name changing please contact info@dimensionsfestival.com

    I’m 17 now, but my 18th birthday is before the festival. Can I buy a ticket?

    As long as you’re 18 by the time you pick-up your wristband you may purchase a ticket when you are 17. Just make sure you bring your I.D along – all customers are I.D’d regardless of age.

    See the Tickets Page for more info.

  • The Sunshine Bus

    Where does the bus pick me-up from?

    On the way out this depends on what location you chose, for the way back all sunshine buses depart from the coach pick-up/drop-off point next to the campsite.

    Can I be on the same sunshine bus as my friends?

    You will need to contact Planet Festival about this – enquiries@planetfestival.com

    What dates do I need to book for accommodation?

    Sunshine bus customers will need to book accommodation for 6 nights, from Wednesday 27 August up to Tuesday 2 September .

    My plans have changed, can I get a refund?

    No you cannot get a refund for a sunshine bus ticket, however you can change the name on the booking for a small fee. Please e-mail enquiries@planetfestival.com about this.

  • Volunteering

    We hope that the majority of queries regarding volunteering at Dimensions are answered via the information below. If you do not find what you need please email volunteers@dimensionsfestival.com

    How can I sign up?

    Details for 2014 coming soon.

    How can I sign up?

    Click here.

    When will applications open? What’s the deadline?

    Volunteer applications are now open.

    Do I have to pay a deposit?

    Yes, a deposit is required pre-event depending on your location (head to our application portal for details).

    This will be repaid by end of October 2014.

    When is the deposit deadline?

    Your deposit must be paid before the end of July and is non-refundable pre-event. After the festival, providing you have completed all your shifts, this will be refunded back to the card you paid on.

    When should I book my travel?

    Information will be released in spring 2014.

    Can I travel by Sunshine Bus?

    Yes. Please send an email titled “SUNSHINE BUS” to volunteers@dimensionsfestival.com when you have booked your bus ticket, including the times and dates of your bus. (This will allow us to plan incase your bus is late) If you do not do this you will be held responsible for missing any shifts.

    How much work do I have to do?

    Volunteers are required to complete 3 shifts, 6-8/hour each, with rotas being communicated in August (see below).

    Are there any other perks?

    • Free festival ticket
    • x1 Food token per shift
    • x4 Nights refunded camping (refunded with deposit)
    • x3 Shifts (6-8hours)
    • Deposit = £140.00

    Volunteers are an integral part of the festival, and help create a safe, positive environment and the community atmosphere our festivals are famous for.

    Do I pay for camping?

    All volunteers staying on the festival site must pay in advance for camping but camping costs will be refunded with the deposit if all shifts are completed.

    What happens if I don’t turn up?

    If you miss a shift you will not be given your full festival wristband, and your deposit for both the ticket and camping will not be repaid to you. If there is a legitimate reason please talk to the Volunteer Management Office onsite and they will see what can be done.

    When will I find out my shifts?

    Rota’s will not be released until August. Please do not contact the volunteer management team requesting particular shifts.

    My friend is also volunteering, can we work the same shifts together?

    We are unable to group friends volunteering together. There will be a peer shift swapping system available onsite. So if you find someone to swap with we are able to change your shifts

    I’m planning on attending a boat party, how do I make sure the times don’t clash?

    You book boat parties at your own risk; we cannot fit rotas around boat party requests. Sorry!

  • Airport Transfers

    When will the airport transfers sell out?

    We will be taking all transfers off sale sometime in August, however some routes may sell out before then so we advise you book as soon as your can.

    How do I find the transfer coach at the airport?

    When you arrive at the airport, please follow signs to the car / coach park and lookout for someone with a Dimensions t-shirt, and a coach with a Dimensions sign on it.

    My plans have changed, can I get a refund?

    All airport transfers are non-refundable. If a particular route is sold out you may transfer your seat to another person, but there will be a small fee for this. Please contact info@dimensionsfestival.com.

    Will the transfer buses take us to the apartments we have rented?

    All airport transfer buses drop you off at the festival entrance. There are local buses and taxis here, which you can grab to your apartment.

  • Local Transport

    What shuttle buses will be available?

    There is a bus stop right outside the campsite/festival site. There will be daily buses from Verudela to Pula centre (bus 2A; every 20mins) and from Pula centre to Dimensions (bus 5A; every 30mins) and a night bus from Verudela to Dimensions (bus 62; every 90mins).

    The price is about €2 per journey, but we are looking in to wristbands that will cover your whole duration of festival travel.

    Can I get a taxi easily?

    Yes, there is a dedicated taxi rank a short walk away from the campsite. Please make sure you check the price before getting into a vehicle, don’t be afraid to haggle, and watch out for illegal taxis – although cheaper they are not regulated by the city and you may be putting yourself in unnecessary danger.

    My flight doesn’t fit in with your airport transfers, what should I do?

    If arriving early why not do a bit of sight-seeing in your arrival city and catch a later/next day transfer instead? If you’re keen to get to the festival site then check out either Autotrans or Autobusnikolodvor.

    You could also “buddy up” on a taxi or private transfer with other festival goers.

  • Secure Storage

    Will there be secure storage available?

    Yes, there are secure storage lockers for the duration of your stay at Dimensions Festival.

    How big are the lockers?

    Lockers are 35 x 25 x 5cm.

    Can I pre book storage?

    Yes, details coming soon.

    Do you have bigger lockers for bags and larger items?

    We are planning to have larger lockers for bigger items (bags etc). These are not available for pre book and must be requested when on site.

    Where can I find them?

    They will be in the Customer Village .

    What are the opening hours?

    These areas will be staffed 24 hours a day.

  • Money

    What currency do I need on site?

    The Croatian currency is Kuna. However to buy things at the festival site and around the campsite you will need to exchange your Kuna for Dimensions Tokens.

    Why do you use Tokens?

    Using tokens at the bar you’ll notice the service is much quicker. The easily recognisable sizes and colours allow both staff and customers to quickly pick out the right change. We also utilise the token system to ensure accurate accounting.

    I bought too many tokens, can I swap them back again?

    Unfortunately tokens cannot be sold back to any of the token exchange points on site. We suggest buying a reasonable amount at a time and exchanging regularly throughout the festival.

    Will there be any ATMs on the site?

    Yes, there will be ATMs on the site. Please note that day ticket holders wont be able to access these ATMs and need to take all the cash they need with them.

    Will there be anywhere to exchange foreign currency into Croatian Kuna?

    Yes, you can exchange most currencies (euros, pound sterling, US dollars…) at the Camp Brioni reception. This is completely independent of the festival.

    What are the general costs at the festival?

    Main dishes in restaurants range from 70KN to 150KN / Pizza – 40-65KN / Sandwiches – 30-50KN / Beer – 35KN for 0.5Litre (approximately 1 pint) / Cider – 35KN / Spirit + Mixer – around 35KN / Cigarettes – 20KN

  • Disability Access

    All disabled customers are welcome at Dimensions, but it is a greenfield site with particularly rough terrain in places. There are steep stony hilly sections of the site, meaning that sometimes access across the site is not that easy especially in bad weather conditions. Please bare this in mind when booking for the event. Stewards however, will be around to assist.

    There are a number of facilities in the campsite to accommodate disabled customer’s needs, however certain sections of the site may prove too difficult to navigate for certain disabilities. Not all disabled customer’s need use of these facilities but we will endeavour to assist with access and provide a free carer/PA ticket where required to ensure your stay is comfortable and most of all enjoyable.

    Should you have any enquiries regarding the access and facilities at the festival, please email info@dimensionsfestival.com

  • Other

    Can I have a stall at the festival?

    You can only trade in Croatia if you have a Croatian Trader’s License. If you have one of these, then please fill in this form and we will see if you suit Dimensions.

    I’m an artist and would like to perform at Dimensions? What do I need to do?

    Please send an email with your full name, performance name, city of residence, a very brief bio and any links to mixes, videos or website addresses to applications@dimensionsfestival.com, quoting ‘ARTIST’ in the subject.

    When will set-lists be released?

    A rough daily list of each arena’s artists will be sent out in the Customer Advance Information PDF late August. A full artist line-up will not be available until you arrive at the festival in Croatia.

    How far is the fort from the campsite/hostel?

    The main stage is about 15-minute walk away from the campsite/hostel.

    There are bars and various food stalls in the fort, as well as token exchange kiosks.

    NB: You must be wearing sturdy shoes in order to enter the fort! No flip flops will be allowed. Please make sure you come prepared with suitable footwear…trust us, it’s for your own good!