Paul St Hilaire & Rhauder

Paul St Hilaire & Rhauder

St. Hilaire, the legendary dub vocalist and producer and Rhauder, real name Marco Rhauderwiek, have been working together for seven years or so.

St. Hilaire grew up in Dominica in the 1970s and together with Ras Donovan, founded the band Radication Squad, in which St. Hilaire played lead guitar with Donovan on bass until Donovan moved to Berlin in 1988.

Hilaire also worked outside the reggae scene through his work with the Berlin techno musicians Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus known as Tikiman, he contributed the vocals for numerous projects for the two musicians, including several dub techno plates as Rhythm & Sound.

St. Hilaire has worked with artists like Modeselektor , The Bug , Tarwater , Mikkel Metal , Deadbeat or René lion together. With lion he steps since 1999 as / Scion Paul St. Hilaire w and presents live Scion Versions of incurred together with Rhythm & Sound music.

Derdeoc, St. Hilaire and Rhauder’s first full-length collaboration. A triple-vinyl release with artwork from label designer Kerry Roper, we’re told it’s been in the works for more than a year, and while it draws on “diverse influences such as Jamaican dub rhythms,” there’s “a strict focus on the club floor.” Material from the album will feature heavily in the duo’s new live set! We can’t wait for this.

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