Sam Hall

Sam Hall

Sam Hall is a 25 year old DJ from Bristol. He was born in Liverpool and moved to Bristol at an early age, surrounding himself with the exciting musical culture that the city has to offer. Through a passion of electronic music, Sam eventually found his niche in the genres of House and Techno. This led him to develop a keen interest in old classic records whilst still keeping up to date with modern day releases. His sets consist of a variety of these two genres with influences taken from late 80’s and 90’s records and DJ’s from Chicago, Detroit and the UK.

Through his work at Idle Hands record store in Bristol which boasts the likes of Shanti Celeste and Kowton as former employees, Sam has managed to gain a massive insight into the scene and can be seen behind the counter selling records and sharing the music he loves with customers.

Sam has a weekly feature on the esteemed Stamp The Wax blog entitled ‘Bin Digging: £1 Records’ where he shows his digging prowess by sharing records that he’s unearthed in bargain bin crates, charity shops and car boot sales across the world.

Gaining a reputation for having an extensive knowledge of the music he plays and slowly creating a following throughout the South West and further afield with gigs in other major UK cities and abroad, Sam is one to keep a close eye on.


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