Stages & Parties

The Clearing

Set in the heart of the peninsular midway between the campsite, the fort and the harbour sits a glade in the forest with an immense sound system and enough room for 3000 dancing bodies. First used as a stage in 2012, the Clearing quickly became a firm favourite with people due to its atmosphere and […]

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Boat Parties

Dimensions will have nine daily boat parties throughout the festival. Set sail on the party boat with DJs, MCs, a fully stocked bar and a belting soundsystem. Once you have booked yourself on to one of these – whether during the day or in the evening to watch the sun set over the Istrian coastline […]


Beach Parties

Located on the festival campsite, just a few hundred metres down the coast from the Fort – is the Beach; the venue for most of the daytime activities. Beach parties pushing strictly sunshine-soaked sounds take place every day from midday until sunset when the party will move up to the Fort. Think BBQ’s and bars […]

Noah's Ballroom

Noah’s Ballroom

A circular pit with a Soundsystem in it – simple. While the pressure of the system mounts with every drop it is easy to forget where you are as you get absorbed in the crumbling walls of the 18th Century fort. Can’t tell whether it reminds us more of something out of The Gladiator or […]


Mungo’s Arena

This perfectly sized 1200 capacity open air arena is home to the epic Mungos Hifi Soundsystem and plays host to some of the most atmospheric showcases of the festival. It was only shortly before the Outlook 2010 festival that this area had been cleared of the tonnes of soil and vegetation that once ruled areas […]


The Void

Previously known as Outside The Fort / Arena 6. In a clearing just outside the walls of the fort, this lovely green area has all the hallmarks of a ‘normal’ festival stage. That may have been the case until we turned on the sound system and rolled out the line-up. At almost 1000 capacity this […]


The Moat

Ever since we first laid eyes on the Fort we hatched a plan to one day take over the moat and adapt it into the long stretching venue it is now. After a lengthy excavation, this amazing area is bound to be one of your favourite venues. Once you plunge into this 100m long strip you’ll […]


Fort Arena 1

As you walk up the path to the fort, through the festival entrance and closer to the ground-shaking sounds, you are first met by the 20 ft walls that encase the Fort Arena 1. With an epic stage and light show and a soundsystem that throws the sound right to the back of this long […]

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Fort Punta Christo

Built in the mid-eighteen hundreds, Punta Christo was one of over a dozen forts situated on different peninsulas surrounding the city of Pula. At the time Pula was one of the biggest ports in Europe and these forts were built to keep the city secure. They were all linked by a network of underground tunnels, […]